COVID-19 Call to Action

People with developmental and physical disabilities are one of the hardest-hit individuals and populations as self-isolation and containment methods continually increase. In addition, we have more than 200 staff on the frontline determined to keep the people we support safe and engaged.

As we move towards a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, your gift will help the purchase of additional personal protective equipment like N95 masks, and sanitizer to keep people safe as well as board games, gift cards, arts and craft supplies and board games to keep the children, youth and adults we support busy while practicing good physical distancing.

New Visions Toronto is in desperate need to donation of all kinds

Required supplies include

Or make a donation

Items can be dropped off at 222 The Esplanade Lower level, Unit 10 clearly labelled between 10 and 3 Pm Monday to Friday

For more information please contact Tina Christie